Introduction to ArcGIS

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Learn how to use ArcGIS, the leading commercial desktop GIS software.
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Course Overview

This is a two-day course that will teach students how to use the ArcGIS desktop GIS software. In this course, we will help users learn how to use ArcGIS Desktop software to create and edit GIS data and perform simple, but useful spatial analysis. This course is designed so users that are not familiar with GIS can learn the basics of GIS.


Overview of ArcGIS

What is GIS
The ArcGIS Platform
The ArcGIS user interface

Working with GIS data

Vector data
Raster data
Tabular data
Web Mapping Services
Selecting data
Spatial analysis 

Creating maps

Creating a map
Adding map elements
Printing maps

Extending ArcGIS

Working with ArcGIS Online
What are Extesions
Installing Extensions
What are Add-ins
Installing Add-ins